Halloween party?

oh wow… lasst night was crazy. I had to go to someones house for a family dinner (my family and their family). I didn’t want to go at all. Of course my parents forced me to come!! But at the end of the night, I don’t regret going with them. The oldest son is actually pretty cute. 17 years old, and he took me to a Halloween party. I didn’t know ANYONE there. But there were LOTS OF CUTE GUYS THERE. Unfortunately I don’t remember their names. HAHAHA!

I was also very very very drunk. I believe I drank 6 to 8 beers and 3 shots. I was pretty drunk… I couldn’t function and I texted my crush a lot of crap… Well not crap, just things I wouldn’t say. He thought it was cute though.. But I couldn’t type anything on my phone! And at 12 30 my parents and the sons parents picked us up (his name is Fernando btw!). I had to drink alot of water to make sure my parents wouldn’t notice that I was really drunk. Glad that they didn’t notice. Actually, they didn’t have a problem with me drinking. So I think I will have more freedom to go out and stuff… oh my god.. I still can’t believe I met a lot of cute guys there. There was this really cute guy, he came up to me first and we had a real nice conversation. Unfortunately he was there with his girlfriend so I couldn’t like flirt with him. Oh my god… it is just a night that I wouldn’t forget. I wish my friends were there, they would die of the cute guys there HAHAHAHA.

the next morning when I came downstairs my parents were pretty cool about me going to the party. and I don’t have a hangover even though I drank a lot. 





I need to start planning something for my birthday! LIKE REALLY! I have to start early or nothing else will happen… My parents don’t want to get out of the house, so I won’t be able to throw a party.



this post is dedicated to my friend

Oh man, I haven’t had time to write something on my blog yet. So weird. ugh.

Well, I just would like to dedicate this post to my friend. I am proud of her.
She ALMOST lost her v-card to some man whore! LOL. She was drunk and she just wanted to get it over with ya know? But he was pretty responsible and reasonable too, he said he doesn’t want to have sex with her because he knows she is a virgin and he knows she will hate him after he takes her v-card. 
But she gave him a blow job though… HAHAHAHAHA. Drunk people can be so weird and crazy


Ohmigosh, I haven’t been on my blog in a while… I’m sorry for that. That also means you’ve missed a few things in my life. HAHA! Well, I will summarize what has happened in my life the last week/2 weeks.

Did I tell you about this gorgeous guy named Gabriel? He is from Brazil and has a amazing accent. When I met him I totally had a cute crush on him, but then I realized that it is my friends friend and I shouldn’t go after him. He told me he is an exchange student, and he is going back to Brazil in November :(! So I don’t think I’m going to take that chance of going after him and then get heartbroken…

Okay, what else has happened in my life… Oh yeah, today I have walk the catwalk at a fashion show. First of all, I’m really nervous. But last week I have met one of the models, she is my height but is three years older than me ;p. Two days ago I had to rehearse, and it was AMAZING. I have met very cute models my age and we get along pretty well :D. So I am really glad that I am not the youngest. There are also (for so far the models I’ve met) 2 or 3 models that are like 22-24 years old. I feel really young with them but at least I have new friends that are actually my age !! 
So I am just really really really excited for tonight 

Fashion show

Guess who is modeling at a fashion show next week!!!

Ahhh, today I had a casting for a fashion show. I was so nervous. I thought they would let me walk the ‘catwalk’ ask me questions and then I could go. But no, they gave me a bunch of clothing to try on. And I have noticed they are all size 6 hahaha.

The rehearsals are next week thursday and the show is next week saturday. I am seriously sooo fucking excited. omg!

nuit blanche

Last night was… strange…
I met up with my friends, walked around and then Percy came. It was fun though!!! We walked around for a bit, I smoked my first joint hahaha! He tried to hold my hand but I like slipped my hands in my pocket :p. 
We met up with my friend Subin, she is like one of my best friends. She is so sweet, cute and when she’s drunk she still cares about me ya know? That’s real friendship. So Subin had the cutest friend!!!!! I was like “fuck I’m in love”. Subin introduced us to each other and he’s like “Awh I love your name!” and of course I got really shy /:. I regret that because i only said thank you with a cute shy smile. If I talked to him more may be I could have gotten his number!!!! 

My ex Tim was there too. And it actually wasn’t that bad! Well may be because he was drunk, it was less awkward. He was super friendly and hugged me and stuff. But yeah.. he was speaking 3 different languages, Russian, English and French all mixed together. So weird…

After Percy left and me and my 3 friends went to a sushi place at 11 o’clock to eat sushi! We were waiting for my food and then this drunk guy at the window started staring at us, and was being really funny. He was soooooooo drunk, you have no idea. And then he walked into the restaurant and started talking to us. He couldn’t even pronounce his words! He is like “OOOH hey beautiful ladies, you’re so beautifullllll ohhh goshhhhh. Can I get your number?” and we started laughing and he was kinda embarrassed. So we said we didn’t own a phone (of course we do) and then he left. 

At 1’AM I lost my friend and ALL OUR PHONES DIED! But she was with her cousin so I left, and my other friends went home. Oh well, It’s a night I will not forget.

OOH! Tim (my ex) has a very nice friend, and he’s also cute. Liam is his name. When he asked for my name he realized he was talking to his friends’ ex… so yeah embarrassing 😦  

So I had this thing with my best friend, it might have been a mistake..

Ok, may be I have another problem here.
Last year I had this little thing with this guy named Percy. I ended our thing right before I started dating Tim. So Percy and I are really good friends now. Like, best friends. So he had this thing with this girl and she kept fucking him over. I’m there for him when he needs me. But I have a feeling that he has feelings for me now. Yesterday he kept wanting to hold my hand and I didn’t want to be mean and be like “I don’t want to hold your hand”. So I just held his hand like it was a joke ya know.

So tonight there is this thing in Toronto, called Nuit Blanche. It is an art exhibit thing from 7PM until sunrise. He wants to hang out with me tonight if I am going, and I have a feeling he likes me, and that he wants to hook up with me. I honestly have no idea what I should do….

The Yellow Wallpaper


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I had to read this short story (may be 6000 words long) called The Yellow Wallpaper for school. It is actually a  pretty good book… They also have a thriller movie made in 2011.

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a story that also reflects on the narrator’s life. It talks about how a woman is sick and her husband John and her brother advise her to stay in bed and not to anything until she gets better. She has to stare at a ugly yellow wallpaper that is in the room where she rests. The setting is in the late 1800s/early 1900s, where the husbands are very domineering over their wife’s.

I would say, read it and let me know your thoughts ! Click on –> “The Yellow Wallpaper” to get the PDF file. 

photo shoot

Next week I have a photo shoot. I am very excited ! I already have a modeling contract, and of course I want to practice etc! So I found this awesome photographer via my friend’s parents. So next Friday we are going to meet him and he will take some casual nice shots, and then on Sunday it will be the real photo shoot with make up artist etc. IM SO EXCITED AHHHHH!!!!