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You’re always better off with a really good lie.

The truth can hurt at times, especially when you have to tell someone that really likes you. They give you so many compliments that you can only say “thank you” or if you don’t want to sound like someone that has an ego, “nah, not really!”. You can barely have a conversation because they give you so too many compliments. You sometimes have to tell them that you have no interest in a relationship, or that you are interested in another guy. Of course it will hurt him/her.

Well, I guess I can relate to that! One of my cousins friends likes me and he won’t stop giving me compliments. He hasn’t even met me yet!
People can be so different on line than in real life. They can write things down easily without thinking. You don’t know if they really mean it when they say “you’re beautiful, you’re perfect. I think I’m starting to fall in love with you. I love you!” They can mean it, but they don’t know you in real life! Everyone is different online, they want to look good and cool. They are hiding their bad sides, which for some people is better but it ain’t for some.

If you have known that person (that likes you) your whole life, then of course it will be difficult to tell the truth. You would rather want to come up with a really good lie than telling the truth. The negative thing is that if the person finds out will be even more heartbroken/upset. But that is the choice you have to make.

I personally think that it is not the right thing to do, lying to the person that likes you. But you know, I don’t really know this guy and I can only ask my cousin if he is speaking the truth. I told him a lie by telling him:”You need to find someone in your own city. You live all the way in Falls Church US and I live in Toronto. This is not fair to both of us.”. But no, he basically ignored what I said and continued complimenting me. He is lying to himself because he knows that it is not going to work out for both of us. The most horrible thing to do is lying to yourself.