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Yes, I did it! Didi took me to Canada’s wonderland (it’s an amusement park). I went on so many rides, I can’t even name it ha ha! They also had an water park with like ten slides! The lineups were so damn long, 30 to 80 minutes (or longer). Racquel recommended that there are lots of cute guys. She was right, they are very cute!! I met this very cute lifeguard (Eric), he asked me to come again. Yes, I did go a few times and I ended up getting his number :). (I won’t get into the details because there are too many details.)

We’ve been texting a lot I guess? He sends long texts, I like that. It means I can have a good conversation with him. The negative thing is that he is short, may be event a little shorter than me! The positive thing is that he has muscle and he has a very cute smile (a smile like Nick Jonas?)
We added each other on facebook too, and I have to be honest, he looks better in his lifeguard uniform…

Well I really felt like I was in Wonderland, because of the rides and because I met Eric.