Everyone girl needs a boy in their life to make them feel better. Boyfriend or Best guy friend, doesn’t matter. But why are guys so confusing? One time they want to hook up you, another time they don’t want anything to do with you. Ugh, it would be so much easier if guys can just open up!

A Teenage Touch

*I need a hug after writing this*!

I THINK have one.
He makes me laugh when I’m sad, but he doesn’t really realise I’m sad.
That’s confusing, but yes, he is a guy best friend.

His jokes make me laugh so hard, he’s like me, exactly like me.
But we’ve both friend-zoned each other to the max, so…



Anything ever going to happen?



Because we have both friend-zoned each other and do not see each other in any other way.

Does it suck?

Not really, it’s nice having one guy you can turn to.

I remember a while ago I met a guy on the internet – I know, not safe, blaaah! But remember, I’m La-Dantai. ImMature.

Carrying on with my story:
I met a guy on the internet, a lovely guy actually. He was sweet, older – not by much, just a few years…

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