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Yesterday I went with Racquel, Richenne and Carel to their (new) school DMCI to pick up their schedule. Surprisingly I really like DMCI, I am not sure why I really like it but may be it is because there are so many people that are friendly. The fact that the school has clubs, a football field and also have a swimming pool really got my attention.
Since yesterday I really have been thinking if it is better to stay at my own school or to try to transfer to DMCI. I already wanted to go to DMCI next year for grade 11, but now I’m not even sure if I want to stay at my own school for this year..

My school is very small, the population might be around hundred people. The teachers are nice, you can enjoy their company and they are there for you if you need help. Of course new people will come to my school for grade 9 or another grade. But I’m really getting tired of seeing the same people.
The positive thing of my school is that I will have a lot of spares this year, and if I have a casting for my modelling during school, the school will let me go. This school doesn’t have sports teams, clubs nor dances (which I really enjoy).

So I’m not sure if I can transfer this year, and if I can it will be a lot of work. But now I have second thoughts I’m just completely lost. I want to go to a bigger school basically only because figured out that I’m a person that’s very social and wants to join clubs. But that would also mean that I have to work a lot harder than at my old school. I’m just completely lost right now, I have to decide within 45 minutes.