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It’s official. DMCI can’t accept my application on moving schools real quick for this year 2012/2013 because I don’t live in their area. So I guess I am stuck to my own school… Although I will have a lot of spares and I will have a lot of time to hang out with my friends from my other school, I can really focus on my school work this year. Last year I didn’t fail any classes, but I didn’t do so well if you compare my grades with mostly my Asian friends.. So I can’t fuck up this year. I want to get real good grades so I can go to the Netherlands for the winter break next year 2013, to celebrate my best friends birthday!

Well anyway, I am just a little disappointed that they won’t accept my last minute application. But I will get an optional attendance and I will send it in early December (application due date is February 2nd).

Because I know my people at my own school already, I can just rock the homeless look lol. Sweatpants and top. Next year I’ll rock the high fashion and heels look!