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A Teenage Touch

Today was mine. I could feel it in my bones.
I woke up and instantly put my music in.
The day was mine.

I imagined various pictures of silhouettes in my mind that my camera could take.
I made it happen.
Today was my day. Today I forgave everyone who had done me wrong, who had looked at me in a certain light before. Today was my day.

Don’t ask me why, but everyone got along with me today. Smiles, cheers, shopping. Just everything.
I’m thankful for today, God gave me a reason to smile like I had asked him to last night.
He listened.
I don’t know, I’m just extra bright and lovely today. Somethings going to pop it, I know it will.
But right now I’m just going to smile.


Hey, reader. You, are perfect.
Perfect in my eyes.
Your flaws, nothing to me.
Your eyes, the…

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