Family means the world to me. They’re very protective of what I do on the internet, they may judge me for everything what I’m doing but I still love them. And there is always one person that you can share everything with because he/she is the same sex as you, or may be because he/she is the same age as you (etc). Of course there is also family that you don’t like, or someone in your family that annoys/scares you, but you gotta fear it!

This is my favorite cousin. He’s a few months older than me and I can share everything with him. We both are very open towards each other and that’s what a family should be like, open and trustworthy.
Because all my family lives all the way in Europe, he (Leo) and his family live closer. Ok ok, it is still a nine hour drive but they’re closer than my family in Europe!
The most important thing is that Leo means a lot to me.