Sometimes I can be so stupid.
I really love my cousin, I do. So I have been calling him on my cellphone, which is from Canada to the United States. I’ve called him so many times, which has cost me $45,45 extra. I called him for 101 minutes!!!!! Huge bill of course, and I really regret it because I don’t like it when my parents have to pay this huge bill. $63 dollars for Other Charges or Credits and $35 for Adjustments. WTF I don’t understand anything from this bill. I officially hate phone bills…. I have to pay it back… well only the long distance charges but still! My cousin also got a huge bill for calling to Canada, which is my number. He also got my friends numbers and he also called them. He got so mad at us for texting him :s. I know for a fact that receiving texts from long distance is free, so he should’t get mad at us. It was his choice to text and call us or not. May be he got influenced by his friends to call me and my friends, because they are .. well.. interested in me. I feel sorry for him but it is also still his responsibility.