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What if I am still in love with Tim (my ex, we talked it out and now we are good friends)? What happened when I broke up with him? May be I tried to put away my feelings because we didn’t really hang out as much anymore as we used too AND because he hung out with a girl the whole night until 11am in the morning. I already lost my trust in him but that didn’t mean I could stop loving him. But of course I didn’t realize this back then. By a single change in my relationship status on Facebook I totally ruined our relationship by not letting him explain himself. When I look back at this I feel horrible, mean and can’t even believe I did this to a person that loved me very much.

You know what people say, “Oh I don’t like him anymore because I haven’t seen him in a very long time”. If you haven’t seen that special person in a very long time you can’t really tell if you still like him or not. I will just say I totally felt the sparkle again when I saw Tim at school. 

But here’s the thing, we are both very different from each other. We know each other well. And like they say, opposites attract. Yes, we have known that we are both living a different life style but that didn’t stop us from starting a relationship. He is smart, intelligent, sweet (etc.) but he drinks a lot, goes out and hangs out with different kind of people than I do. If you look at me, I don’t drink a lot. In fact, I only drink on special occasions, or sometimes just with my friends. I don’t go out every night in the weekend, I would if I could. But my parents are very protective. See how different we are? 

I really like him. There will always be a spot for him in my heart. But from the stories I hear from my friends (that also hang out with him) or that he tells me it just gives me also a reason why not to like him. Or at least to like him less. Then again, he gives me so many reasons why I want him back.