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What a waste of my day.  Tim wanted to hang out with his friends and I instead of just us two… That was not what I expected. OMG. I’m actually so annoyed right now. I thought it would be like watching a movie at his house and finish having our heart to heart. But noooooo, he wants to hang out with his friends. I had a feeling that he wanted to get drunk and get high. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I like getting drunk, but only in the weekends or at least when I’m sleeping over at a friends house and I’m not into the ‘getting high’ life style.

I made up a lie, saying that my tummy hurts because I am on my period. I was already ahead of him so when I got close to the subway I called him and told him that. You know what he said? “I won’t get mad at you for having a stomach ache”. He shouldn’t don’t you think! But I was lying anyways so yeah.. May be I just should have said that I didn’t want to come, may be he would have changed his mind.

My friend told me that the love that Tim and I once had is old. We both obviously changed and I need a new love, someone new to fight for.
I have also been questioning myself. Do I love him or do I like being loved by him?