Last night was… strange…
I met up with my friends, walked around and then Percy came. It was fun though!!! We walked around for a bit, I smoked my first joint hahaha! He tried to hold my hand but I like slipped my hands in my pocket :p. 
We met up with my friend Subin, she is like one of my best friends. She is so sweet, cute and when she’s drunk she still cares about me ya know? That’s real friendship. So Subin had the cutest friend!!!!! I was like “fuck I’m in love”. Subin introduced us to each other and he’s like “Awh I love your name!” and of course I got really shy /:. I regret that because i only said thank you with a cute shy smile. If I talked to him more may be I could have gotten his number!!!! 

My ex Tim was there too. And it actually wasn’t that bad! Well may be because he was drunk, it was less awkward. He was super friendly and hugged me and stuff. But yeah.. he was speaking 3 different languages, Russian, English and French all mixed together. So weird…

After Percy left and me and my 3 friends went to a sushi place at 11 o’clock to eat sushi! We were waiting for my food and then this drunk guy at the window started staring at us, and was being really funny. He was soooooooo drunk, you have no idea. And then he walked into the restaurant and started talking to us. He couldn’t even pronounce his words! He is like “OOOH hey beautiful ladies, you’re so beautifullllll ohhh goshhhhh. Can I get your number?” and we started laughing and he was kinda embarrassed. So we said we didn’t own a phone (of course we do) and then he left. 

At 1’AM I lost my friend and ALL OUR PHONES DIED! But she was with her cousin so I left, and my other friends went home. Oh well, It’s a night I will not forget.

OOH! Tim (my ex) has a very nice friend, and he’s also cute. Liam is his name. When he asked for my name he realized he was talking to his friends’ ex… so yeah embarrassing 😦