Ohmigosh, I haven’t been on my blog in a while… I’m sorry for that. That also means you’ve missed a few things in my life. HAHA! Well, I will summarize what has happened in my life the last week/2 weeks.

Did I tell you about this gorgeous guy named Gabriel? He is from Brazil and has a amazing accent. When I met him I totally had a cute crush on him, but then I realized that it is my friends friend and I shouldn’t go after him. He told me he is an exchange student, and he is going back to Brazil in November :(! So I don’t think I’m going to take that chance of going after him and then get heartbroken…

Okay, what else has happened in my life… Oh yeah, today I have walk the catwalk at a fashion show. First of all, I’m really nervous. But last week I have met one of the models, she is my height but is three years older than me ;p. Two days ago I had to rehearse, and it was AMAZING. I have met very cute models my age and we get along pretty well :D. So I am really glad that I am not the youngest. There are also (for so far the models I’ve met) 2 or 3 models that are like 22-24 years old. I feel really young with them but at least I have new friends that are actually my age !! 
So I am just really really really excited for tonight