oh wow… lasst night was crazy. I had to go to someones house for a family dinner (my family and their family). I didn’t want to go at all. Of course my parents forced me to come!! But at the end of the night, I don’t regret going with them. The oldest son is actually pretty cute. 17 years old, and he took me to a Halloween party. I didn’t know ANYONE there. But there were LOTS OF CUTE GUYS THERE. Unfortunately I don’t remember their names. HAHAHA!

I was also very very very drunk. I believe I drank 6 to 8 beers and 3 shots. I was pretty drunk… I couldn’t function and I texted my crush a lot of crap… Well not crap, just things I wouldn’t say. He thought it was cute though.. But I couldn’t type anything on my phone! And at 12 30 my parents and the sons parents picked us up (his name is Fernando btw!). I had to drink alot of water to make sure my parents wouldn’t notice that I was really drunk. Glad that they didn’t notice. Actually, they didn’t have a problem with me drinking. So I think I will have more freedom to go out and stuff… oh my god.. I still can’t believe I met a lot of cute guys there. There was this really cute guy, he came up to me first and we had a real nice conversation. Unfortunately he was there with his girlfriend so I couldn’t like flirt with him. Oh my god… it is just a night that I wouldn’t forget. I wish my friends were there, they would die of the cute guys there HAHAHAHA.

the next morning when I came downstairs my parents were pretty cool about me going to the party. and I don’t have a hangover even though I drank a lot.